The Designer, Fiona


Hello, I'm Fiona and as well as finding me in the shop most days creating bunches and bouquets for our customers,  I do all the design work for our weddings and events. Flowers are a constant source of joy to me and my chosen style is natural, free-form and quintessentially English.  I do, however, love the challenge of working with clients who have varying styles and tastes - I have been asked to create Jamaican themed structures for parties, a noose made of flowers, a flower crown for a giant bear (see above!)  as well as various hats, shoes and other floral designs.    I  love to use flowers in different and creative ways to enhance a room and create balance and harmony to a space .... and I have a  bit of an obsession with jugs, vases and containers!  I have certificates in floristry from The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers and the Floristry Academy and we are a business member of the British Floral Association.

 As well as my passion for flowers (and dogs!) I have spent most of my adult life organising events of some kind.  As a marketing manager for stockbrokers, an investment bank and then a major property developer - I always like to have a "project or two" on the go!   Having trained as an actor and dancer, I became a drama teacher for 20 years and was responsible for staging productions at least 8 or 9 times a year and when I "retired" from that, I set up a theatre company in my spare time and am often found building sets, producing and directing shows.  I would be delighted to work with you to produce the flowers or arrange the event of your dreams, do get in touch! 

Fiona x    

The Inspiration & support, the "Michaels" 

Two "Michaels" provide both inspiration and support to me and to the business.  Firstly, my father, Michael, who has always encouraged and supported me to achieve whatever it is to make me happy. He has always loved spending his free time outside and in the garden and, from as early as I can remember whilst my mother and sister were out shopping, I would stay with Daddy and watch and "help" him in the garden.  This progressed to my own little patch of plants, making hundreds of daisy chains and rose water "perfume" for Mummy - she did well to smile when I gave it to her!  As a businessman all his life, Daddy's approach to work, to customer service and his kindness and humility have inspired me, and he continues to give sage advice without any judgement or personal opinion.


The second Michael is my partner, Mickey. One of the kindest people I have ever met, Mickey has helped me through great changes in my life (and the business) and given me the support to keep going.  He can often be found in the shop (usually dealing with some maintenance issue of some sort - flowers scare him!!) and regularly doing deliveries.  As an engineer and former roadie with rock bands, he also provides the technical knowledge for the event side of the business.  He installs sound and lighting set ups and always manages to turn my design ideas into reality somehow!! 

and the furry ones... Spencer, Lolly & Midge


These three are often found lying outside the shop, wagging their tails and demanding strokes and cuddles (although rarely all together - 3 at a time can be rather daunting!)  Spencer, in particular, can do a lot of barking, but this is his way of saying hello!  If you, or children, are wary of the dogs, please let us know from the gate and we can put them behind the counter before you come in. They are, I hasten to add, extremely friendly and will do anything for a fuss - do come and say hello to them, it will make their day!! 

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